The Knot of Protection Raksha Bandhan

A knot blessed with love and affection – Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is the famous festival of India. We all know India is the land of the festival. Here lots of festivals celebrated all over the year. India is the land of many religions. Different religions of people are here and all people celebrate this festival.

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi celebrated here as the symbol of love and care between brother and sister. It is fallen in full moon in the month of August. It is popularly celebrated as a sign of love between brother and sister relationship. Raksha Bandhan Means “knot of protection”. It is the combination of two words Raksha and Bandhan, Raksha means to protect and Bandhan means the tie. Biological brother sister also celebrates in the same way.

On the morning of this day sister, the first sister put a colorful mark (Tilak) on the forehead of the brother with saying prayers after that tie knot of thread on the wrist of the brother in the presence of whole family members. In this day sister tie Rakhi (Sacred thread) on the wrist of his brother and pray for his happiness and prosperity. Brother gives the gift to his sister and promises to protect her.

Days or week before lots of shops you can see all over the country. Some women make own Rakhi and some women just tie simple thread. If you take a round up to the market you will found different types and different color Rakhi. This festival is famous in India even other countries also export Rakhi to India.
So this festival is a symbol of love and also shows how much importance of girls in India. This festival describes the rich culture of India.

Raksha Bandhan Festival
History behind Raksha Bandhan Festival

It is believed the promise to protect start from Mahabharat era. Once Lord Krishna finger had cut and Daropadi tore his sari and tied it and Lord Krishana promise to protect her.

Another story is Rakhi saved The Great Alexander’s Life. When he came to India and having the battle with King Porus that time Alexander’s wife Roxana send Rakhi to king Porus, in battle field when he is just going to kill Alexander he saw Rakhi on his wrist and refrained kill him.

The great story of protection was of Emperor Humayun. Queen Karnavati ruled Mewar. Mewar was attacked by Bahadur Shah two times. Last hope for Mewar was to take help from Humayun. Queen Karnavati sends a letter of help and Rakhi to Emperor Humayun. The Emperor was in the military campaign at that time; he left all the things and came to protect her.

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