The Ashes Cricket Story

BURNING THE BAILS: The Story of the Ashes

Ashes is cricket series played between Australia and England. This is worldwide famous test series. Both the nations have the great and hardcore fan for this series. This series has much value for them even more than world cup or any other series.  In the cricketing world, this series has great importance.  In 68 Ashes series England won 31 and Australia 32 and five times this series has no result.

History of Ashes Series

First test match was played between Australia and England in 1877. As we all know cricket born in England. That time England is king of the Cricketing world. Ashes started after 1882.

In Oval London, on 29 August 1882 Australia beat England at their home. That time it’s difficult to beat England by any nation. It’s difficult to digest this defeat. That time English news paper The Sports time write an article “That England cricket is dead and their ashes carried away by Australia”. In 1882-83 England had to go Australia to play. That time England skipper Ivo Bligh said that he will bring back ashes back to his country. Due to this statement media named this series “Regain the Ashes”.

Ashes cricket series

England won first two test matches and won the series. A group of women of Australia gave a small trophy to England. This trophy is made of Ashes of bails. It is said that they burn the bails of second test match wicket and gift its ashes to England Skipper as a gift. This is called as Ashes of Australian Cricket.

This series play after four years and both nation host one by one. Till now all test matches played between England and Australia are 325. Australia Won 130 and England won 106 and 89 have no result.

It takes several years to name this series “The Ashes”. So this is the story of great cricket series “The Ashes”.

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