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“Head Bopping | Jazz for the Body | Mind | Spirit | Soul | Music”

Music is best friend when you feel alone and music play great role when you want to celebrate any occasion. Today we will share with you an American Band story named Spooky Kool. Its amazing band once you listen then you always like to listen them. Performing for Concerns, Festivals, and High -End Venues, Spooky Kool is a Family Favorite.  Presenting the best of Dance, Jazz, and Original Music, you will have more fun than imagined.  So get on your feet! Be ready to dance and scream to the music, ’cause no-one enjoys performing for you like Spooky Kool.Spooky Kool Band

Spooky Kool is a super funky, jazzy, soulful band that is the definition of pure talent mixed with lots of heart.  An internationally recognized band from Phoenix, Arizona, their music covers many of life’s subject matters, from “Conversations with God” a tribal type meditation with the trumpet of Gabriel Bey and ancient instruments being prominent, to “Happy People” an up tempo treat of musical melodies that make you feel at peace. “Til I Met You” is a ballad that jumps out at you with the beautiful passionate vocals of Sandra Bassett.  The feeling of reality is heard in every note she sings.  The band also shows their personality and sense of humor with experiences of life that always brings a smile to your face.

Their music all around has a feeling of warmth and great energy that you don’t find often these days, and their 2nd album “Do You Have the Time” was released a year ago, with a title track that will make you groove to the pure joy that is Spooky Kool.

A LIVE EP entitled LIVE at Michaels, provides a look at the diversity of the band, and their music is in alignment with their core values; which is, “(OM) or Original Music, and they adhere to a creative vision which is based on 5 core principles called: BODY | MIND | SPIRIT | SOUL | MUSIC.”

Spooky Kool is:

Gabriel Bey, Writer, Composer, and Performer

Phil Janzen, Co-leader and Drums

Sandra Bassett, Vocalist, Pianist, and Musical Director

Pete Mello, Guitar

Jack Schaar, Alto Sax

Ross Covington, Electric Bass

Spooky Kool, Your Friend in the Spiritual Age is globally recognized, Phoenix-Based band. They write, record, and perform original compositions along with a sample of updated Jazz Standards.
The name, “Spooky Kool” was born from a conversation in New Orleans, when Gabriel Bey was visiting in 2007 and was asked an esoteric question and replied with spiritual insights as his answer.  One of the participants stated, “…that was SPOOKY, but man was that KOOL.”  The term was adopted and taken back to Phoenix were the band began its humble beginnings.  Ironically, the band manifested in the desert vortex of Arizona, and much like a Phoenix rising from a fire, the band become, Spooky Kool, Your Friend in the Spiritual Age.

The very first performances for Spooky Kool came to the sports lovers in Downtown Phoenix where they could drink and be merry before and/or after a game.  The band performed Chants and would Ad Lib music that was created spontaneously with little prep or direction.  We began chanting OM at the beginning of every performance, but OM had a different meaning to Spooky Kool.  It stood for “Original Music!”

Seven years would pass since the early beginnings of the band, and presentation as well as personnel would take on a more structured appearance and musical direction.  We released our first album, “Spooky Kool (Conversation with God) – The Spirit of Spooky Kool” in March of 2014, and our first music video, “Americans” (http://youtu.be/WdW2QtALEls) single off of the album was released soon after.

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