Should Students Be Required to Take Drug Tests

Should Students Drug Test Compulsory?

The youth of the country is future of all nations. At present time youth going to an addict of drugs. There are many all over the world who is suffering from drug addiction. This leads to ruin the future of their as well as ruin future of nation too. Drug addicted person doesn’t think about anything and once he is addicted he or she can do anything to get the drug. Drug addiction leads to worse results. Drug addicted person doesn’t think what is good or bad. He just lost his or her power of thinking.

There are many reasons due to them people start taking drugs. Some peoples take drugs to avoid stress. The present era is the fast globalizing era where people just looking to earn more and more. Due to this some of them feel stressed and starts taking help of drugs to avoid stress. Even they don’t know when they had become the addict of this.

Should Students Drug Test Compulsory?

A few people start taking the drug when they get a failure. Failure is a part of life. As according to me a person who doesn’t get a failure in life never know the real taste of success. Learning from mistakes is the real meaning of life. If you get a failure in life it doesn’t mean to start drinking wine or to take the drug. Learn from your mistakes is the real wealth of experience.

Get in touch with the bad company is a bad thing. Sometimes you have friends who are drug addicted they also told you to try this and you start taking that, and become drug addicted. It is rightly said that it’s better to stay alone than a bad company. You may start taking this just to taste it or just to check how to feel after using it, but you don’t know when you become get addicted to it.

These above I mention only a few reasons there are much more. Drug addiction makes your life worse. You lose your health and mental balance due to it. After that life becomes hell. Many criminal cases happened due to this.

Mostly youth is suffering from this problem, if we try to guide our youth or aware our youth to avoid this then we can solve this problem. There are many people who get addicted to drugs in school or college. If government make it Required to Take Drug Tests in school and in college than it helps a lot to solve this stigma of the world. Every drug addicted person wants to get rid of it. He or she doesn’t know how. When government gets noticed how many students are suffering from it then they can take steps to help them. To save our youth from drugs it’s necessary to take this step.
If you ask me should students be required to take drug tests from my side big YES, Because if you want to save future of country you should save youth from drug addiction.

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