Sehwag Nehra Friendship Story

Virender Sehwag and Ashish Nehra Childhood Story

If you are the fan of cricket there is no need of introduction of these two names Virender Sehwag and Ashish Nehra. Both are the world famous cricketer. They have many achievements in their career. In a TV interview, Nehra speaks about his and Sehwag friendship.Sehwan and Nehra Cricketer

Sehwag is famous for the fearless batting style. He starts the trend of beating fast even in test cricket. Even he complete his 300 with hitting six that shows how much fearless he was while batting. And when we talk about Nehra he is great left arm fast bowler known for his speed and accuracy with the ball. He is the best bowler in death overs.

Both play for Delhi, when they go for practice there is a deal to drive the scooter. When they go for practice Nehra drive scooter and when they coming back Sehwag drive scooter. Sehwag as a batsman had a big kit bag and as a fast bowler, Nehra had the tired practice session. While coming back from practice session Nehra head down on Sehwag’s Kit bag and relax when coming practice session on the scooter.

Nehra also told that he doesn’t like milk in breakfast. Sehwag came early to his house and he drinks that milk. Sehwag is great found of milk.

Sehwag is retired from international cricket and Nehra still playing. Present time Sehwag is a commentator and also active on Social Media. He has millions of followers on Twitter.

Sehwag tweet to Nehra

Nehra said he doesn’t use social media and he doesn’t have any account on social media. He likes to spend time with his family and friend, but he listens about Sehwag’s activity on social media.

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