Importance of Sports in Our Life

It is truly said that health is real wealth. Our mind can stay sound only when we have good health. Without good health is useless. Sports are the best way to make us fit and fine. For youth, it’s necessary to play any kind of sport.
In present time most children like to play indoors games that affect a lot their future life. This leads to unhealthy mind and body development. Youth is future in all countries. The growth of any country depends upon youth.

Sports also help us to stay away from drugs. When you take a sport in your life it may be your passion or profession, in both ways it is beneficial for you. In present time there is much money you can earn by sports. Let’s talk about cricket here is a lot of money in this game. One player cost million to play for league matches. When we talk about football this amount convert in double figure. It’s not only cricket or football that has money you can take any sports as a profession. Here is I am giving you some facts in which you can get idea how valuable sports life


Name                                                                         Sports  Name                                                Earning

Cristiano Ronaldo                                                    Football                                                         $93 million

LeBron James                                                           Basketball                                                     $86.2 million

Roger Federer                                                           Tennis                                                            $64 million

Rory McIlroy                                                              Golf                                                                 $50 million  

Lewis Hamilton                                                       Auto racing                                                      $46 million

These are the top level athlete and their income of this year. My view point to show you that you can secure your life financially even by taking sports as a profession.

When a sports man enters in the ground he is the pride of his nation. Sports make us the hero of many people. You also feel proud to represent your nation in front of the world. There is a lot of name and fame you can earn by sports.
When you play any sports it helps you stay away from diseases like arthritis, obesity, obese, heart problems, diabetes, etc. Sports life teaches us many things like team work, discipline, dedication, punctuality, patience etc. It’s not necessary to play on a world level, even when you play any sports that help you to keep fit. It helps us to make our healthy personality. Even present time if you thinking to work with a highly paid company or origination, they also focus on hiring sound personality employees. Sports life also gives you high confidence level.

I hope you have understood the value of sports. My main motive to publish this article is just to tell that sports have great importance in our life.


Sports importance in our life

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