Impact of Social Media Sites

Positive and Negative Impact of Social Media Sites

If we compare past time and present time we will find a huge impact of social media on our lives. Social media has totally changed our lives. As coin have two aspect social media also have two aspects. Social media has good and bad impact on our life. In past when we don’t have social media site we like to play with our friends or to visit relatives in our childhood. Now when we are on social media we just try to stay on it instead of doing other activity, but the present time it also helps us to stay connected with our friends and relatives who are far away from us that’s why I said it has two aspects. Let’s see the impact of social media below.impact of social media sites

Helpful for business or service

At present time everyone is having a profile on social media you may be using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. This thing is the best way to reach their customer for a businessman or a service provider to promote his brand. For online marketing, social media sites are the best way to find the buyer. It is the best platform to tell or attract people toward business or service brand.

Best source of entertainment

Social media sites are the best source of entertainment. In fast technological era sometimes we feel so stress that time social media help to relax us. People use social media sites to see videos, pictures, jokes, news and other stuff that entertain them. Games are also there for entertainment. So we can say that social media sites are the best source of entertainment.

Help to connect with different people and culture

Social media sites make the world so small. Now people are connecting with each other easily. Through this, you can call or make the video call to anyone. People are getting connected with everyone and sharing their thoughts and pictures. This helps people to understand the culture of other regions.

Wastage of time

Access or addiction of anything is bad. If you are spending so much time on these sites that is just wastage of time. It will make distraction and loss of concentration. That also causes many health issues in your life. Spending too many times on these sites can cause loss of thinking independently.

Bad impact on children

As we all know there are many bad things or posts are present on social media. Children just learn what they see. So guide your children what to see and what not to see. As present time children like to play the game online that affect their health. Instead of playing games on these sites guide your children to play out door games. That helps to make them healthy.

Platform to spread Rumors

Sometimes we read or see post or picture on these sites and share with others. This leads to making viral wrong information. Even we don’t know these facts or figure true or false this results misleading to others.

So we can say that social media sites are now has become a necessary part of our life. Now life looks incomplete without them. It all depends on us how we can use these sites.

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