How to Take Right Decision

How to Make Decisions

People always say that it’s hard to make a decision. Due to this many get lost and many lost opportunities. Some people just get puzzled in decision making and get the worse result. Decision making is part of our daily life. Today I am going to tell you how to take the right decision.
To make a right decision you need to have proper planning after that you have to implement that planning in right way. In management, there is a great theory that helps in planning and decision making known as “SWOT”. Let me tell you what Swot analysis to take right decision

S- Strength

W- Weakness

O- Opportunity

T- Threads

Strength- first while you planning thinks about your strength. If you have great strength to implement your planning that is much helpful for you. If you know about your strength you can use that n right way. Develop short term or long strategies and work on it with your proper strength.  It will also maximize the chances of the right decision.

Weakness- we all know that no one is perfect. Try to find out your weakness and work on it. If you are weak in some part of your planning you will never ever take a right decision. Analyze your weakness and think how you can minimize your weak point.
Opportunity- it is true saying that opportunity never knocks twice. Always try to take benefit of opportunity. So try to use your strength and reduce your weakness to grab the opportunity.
Threads- keep eyes on your competitor so that you can analyze what are threads to you.
If you follow this theory it will help you to do proper planning any implementation in business or in daily life that will lead to making a right decision.
Another factor that helps you to take the right decision is self-confidence. I can do this it is confidence only I can do this it is over confidence. Sometimes due to over confidence we take the wrong decision and get worse results.
Positivity is also a necessary factor to make the right decision. Be positive towards your plan. If you get negative in between your plan then you are not able to implement it and the end result is a wrong decision.

Stay motivated and Learn from your past mistakes will help you to make the right decision for future. Don’t be sad or down if you fail in past. Failure is the wealth of experience if you learn from that failure. It is well said that Success is counted sweetest not by then who never fail but by them who get the failure. A person who his failure in past and learn from it and get success, he knows the real taste of success.

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