How to Rank a Website on Search Engine

How to rank a website | Improve Web Rank

In present time every business just going to be online. In present time even small businesses have an online presence on the Internet. We are in fast growing internet era or digital marketing era; here even a little kid wants to get a toy he looks it on the internet. Online presence is very important thing for every businessman in present time. Everyone selling his product and services online, so it is necessary for you to rank your website on the internet. Here I will tell you how to rank a website on Google.

1.  Publish Unique and Relevant Content

Content is king to rank a website. Your website content should be unique and relevant to your product or services. If you just copy paste your webpage content from other websites that will lead to decrease the ranking of your website. Quality and informative content always help to get traffic on the website. Put some phrases about your product or services and don’t forget to make these phrases bold or italic. Just use these phrases two or three times in your content. These phrases are also known as long tail keyword. Don’t do keyword stuffing in your website pages.

2.  Use Important Tag

Here I will tell you some important tag that should be present on the website. First, you should have a title tag in your web metadata. Keep title tag relevant to your web content. You can also use the keyword in your title tag. The length of your title tag should be maximum is 60 characters. The second tag is description tag; you can also use some keyword or phrases in your description tag. The length of the description tag is 160 characters according to Google guideline. The third is H1 tag on your webpage its important factor to have H1 tag. Fourth is tag is Image Alt tag. Google don’t read pictures so we have to use Image Alt Tag that tells the search engine that what about this picture.

3.  Interlink Relevant Web Pages

Keep the focus on making hyperlink relevant to a text of other web pages. Instead of writing click here you can interlink the web page with relevant to other page have info about that topic. That thing makes your web page user-friendly. It is also helpful to increase the ranking power of a website.
These are a few easy steps that help you rank your website on search engine. I hope these suggestions will help you to get better ranking on Google. So if you are looking some tricks for how to rank a website just follow these steps.

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