How to Become Good Speaker

Tips to Be a Good Speaker

A good speaker looks different even in the crowd. If you attend a seminar, meeting or presentation and you feel scared to speak then these tips will help you. This article defiantly will help you to become a good speaker.

How to prepare yourself for a Speech

It’s important you have deep knowledge about the topic on which you going to speak. Give time to yourself to get prepared. You can take help of Google, Newspapers, and Books about to the topic. First, try to speak in front of the mirror. It might be possible your audience can ask the questions about the topic. So you should have deep knowledge about the facts and figures of the topic.

Be Positive

No one is perfect in this world. Don’t be negative before you speak to audience. If you already have negative thinking you will never express yourself or your views to the audience. If there are negative thoughts in our mind then our mind reacts in that way. So be positive always.

Be Confident

On which topic you going to speak be confident about it. If you don’t have self confidence you will never succeed to express yourself or your views. There should be a confidence the way you speaking. That makes interest of your audience in your speech.

Try to Speak Without Seeing

You can carry notes along with you but try to speak without seeing the notes. If you speak without seeing paper you will looks a good speaker and if you just speak with watching paper then you look like a reader not a speaker.

Eye Contact 

A good speaker always makes eye contact with audience. If you make eye contact with your audience, it helps you to influence your audience with your views. When you are speaking don’t see here and there or just on a group. Try to cover all the audience.


Use your face expression while you are speaking. Use your hand, don’t be stand like a statue. It is so bad if you stand and your hands in pocket. This will give a bad impression to your audience.

Time Limit 

Try to end your speech within the time limit. If you try to go lengthy your audience will feel fed up. Focus on main point of your speech and be polite with your wording.


Listening thanks is great feeling. At the end of speech don’t forget to say thanks to organizers, sponsors, guests and your audience. Never leave the stage without saying thanks.

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