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Health Benefits of Basil or Tulsi

Basil is a very beneficial herb. It is also known as the king of herb. It has many health benefits. Basil plants mostly cultivated in India and there its name is “Tulsi”. It is used in many medicines of Ayurveda. Many Indian are worship basil plants. It is a holy plant in India. All over the world, it is also cultivated commercially. It has phytonutrients, antifungal, and insect-repelling properties. Read some health benefits of Basil given below.

basil plant

Helpful to Weight Loss

If you are suffering from weight problem basil can help you to reduce your weight. Take basil leave with fresh curd that helps you to reduce weight.
Helpful in diabetes
Basil is one of the great remedies to control blood sugar level. It helps you to reduce the high blood sugar level.

Help to Cure Cough and Respiratory Problems
Basil leave you can eat in its raw state and that helps you stay away from diseases like cold, cough and other respiratory problems. It also helps to cure these problems. Many cough syrup use basil as an important ingredient.

Helpful to Heal Wound
Basil leaves have antiseptic property due to this it helps to heal cuts and wounds. It is also used in the treatment of ulcer. A mixture of basil leaves with coconut oil can be applied on cut and wounds. It will give you big relief and help to reduce the pain.

Helpful In Quitting Smoking
If you are the chain smoker and wants to get rid of smoking then basil is a perfect solution for you. It is the best option than nicotine patches, flavored gum or even plain candy. Chewing basil leaves help you to quit the smoking habit and also help to repair the damage of smoke because it has antioxidant properties.

Help to Cure Skin Diseases
Basil has antibacterial properties that help you to cure skin diseases. If you are suffering from scabies and eczema you can drink basil juice that helps you to cure these diseases.

Helpful in Fever and Flu
Basil has antibacterial properties due to this it is very helpful for those who are suffering from fever and flu. You can chew basil leaves that will help you stay away from bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

Make Strong Immune System
Basil helps you to make strong your immune system. It helps you to protect from all infections from viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. The Recent study shows that it also helps to reduce HIV cells.

Beneficial for Asthma Patients
Basil or Tulsi is very helpful to asthma patients. It makes easy to breathing. It contains phytonutrients, oils, and minerals that help to cure causes of asthma.

Helpful in Constipation and Acidity
Basil leaves have many anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties that help to get rid of the problem like constipation. You can boil basil leave and drink it, surely you will get relief from constipation and acidity.

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