Famous Festival of Spain La Tomatina

Spain’s Food Fight Festival La Tomatina

La Tomatina is a Spanish festival. It is held in the Valencian town of Bunol located in Spain. It is a great entertaining festival where participant throws tomatoes and enjoy the funny food fight.

Cannon is fired in starting and ending of the event. Many trucks move in the center of the town and people enjoy this festival. This festival becomes so popular in present time. Many tourists join to take part in La Tomatina festival. This has become world famous food fight. There is limited accommodation in Bunol, so people stay nearby in Valencia. After one-hour food fight ended after this, no more tomato can be thrown. Once the fight ends the fire fighter wash the streets and make the city neat and clean.Tomatoes used in this fight are of low quality and not good in taste. These tomatoes are bought from that place know as Extremadura because there is these are available at cheap rate.

tomatoes festival of spain


History of La Tomatina Festival

It was started in the year 1945 on last Wednesday of August month. This event had origin when two people protest for the political issue, but this protest converts into enjoyment. In 1957 it became so popular and it became official on people’s demand.

This festival has certain rules. These rules are changing every year as it is becoming popular.

Certain Rules of La Tomatina Festival

Don’t throw hard things like bottle

Don’t throw or tear clothes

Squash tomatoes before throwing

Keep distance from trucks

So friends if you are going to join this world famous food fight please follow the instructions given below:

Wear goggles to save your eyes from the acid of tomato

Wear old clothes you will be not able to wear that again

If you thinking to take pictures carry the waterproof camera.

La Tomatian Festival

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