Dashrath Manjhi Real Inspirational Story

Manjhi The Mountain Man One Man Army

Today I am going to tell you story of Dashrath Manjhi also known as “Mountain Man“. He is poor villager from Bihar (India).  He is from a very backward region. His village is Gahlaur. From his village has to cross a big mountain to go near town. In his village no electricity no water, you can imagine how tough life is there. He belongs to Dalit caste even people of his caste don’t have the right to see in the eyes of (Mukhiya) head of Village.

He loves his village girl named Falguni and married with her. One day Falguni going to give lunch to his husband who is working in the field. She was pregnant that time. She has to cross that big mountain. She slipped from that mountain. Her situation was critical that time. They have to go hospital urgently, But the hospital is far away from the village. They have to cross that mountain to reach the hospital. Hospital was 72 km Away. They unable to reach there on time and her wife died after giving birth to baby girl.

This incident totally changes the life of Dashrath Manjhi. He decided to break this mountain. He has a mind set up to break the ego of the mountain. He also wants to take revenge of his loving wife life. Also, one thing was in his mind that if I break this mountain then it helps a lot to poor people life.

Dashrath Manjhi sold his goats and bought a hammer, chisel, and crowbar. When people saw him breaking the mountain all said he is a mad. All think that he has a mental sickness because he lost his wife. Nobody imagines that he could break 300 foot Long Mountain.

Once he decided to take help from the president of India, but he doesn’t have enough money to buy a train ticket. He decided to go all way walk to go Delhi. Thousands of km he walks along with railway track, still due to some reason he didn’t able to meet the president. It takes 22 years to break that mountain. Dashrath Manjhi breaks that mountain single handed.

dashrath manjhi real story

His work reduces the distance of hospital from his village. When there was mountain then hospital distance was 72 km when he broke this mountain the distance become only 1 km.

Dashrath Manjhi died on 17 August 2007 due to cancer of gall bladder. He is the real man that proves that nothing is impossible. He is really one man army.

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