Spooky Kool Band

“Head Bopping | Jazz for the Body | Mind | Spirit | Soul | Music”

Music is best friend when you feel alone and music play great role when you want to celebrate any occasion. Today we will share with you an American Band story named Spooky Kool. Its amazing band once you listen then you always like to listen them. Performing for Concerns, Festivals, and High -End Venues, Spooky Kool is a Family Favorite.  Presenting the best of Dance, Jazz, and Original Music, you will have more fun than imagined.  So get on your feet! Be ready to dance and scream to the music, ’cause no-one enjoys performing for you like Spooky Kool.Spooky Kool Band Continue reading “Spooky Kool Band”

Story of Richest Female of China

Zhou Qunfei, the China’s Richest Female Self-Made Billionaire

There are many stories of that motivate and inspire us to get success in life. Today I am going to tell you story of Billionaire lady that proves nothing is impossible in this world. The name of the lady is Zhou Qunfei. She is the richest woman in China.

Richest Female of China

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Why Do Watches Always Show 10:10 in Ads

Why do advertisements often use the time 10:10 on clocks and watches

Did You Know Why Do Watches Always Show 10:10 in Ads?

When you visit the store to buy a watch or you see an advertisement of the watch there is mostly default time is 10:10. Here is some fact that shows that why it is 10:10.why watches in ads show 10:10 Continue reading “Why Do Watches Always Show 10:10 in Ads”

Impact of Social Media Sites

Positive and Negative Impact of Social Media Sites

If we compare past time and present time we will find a huge impact of social media on our lives. Social media has totally changed our lives. As coin have two aspect social media also have two aspects. Social media has good and bad impact on our life. In past when we don’t have social media site we like to play with our friends or to visit relatives in our childhood. Now when we are on social media we just try to stay on it instead of doing other activity, but the present time it also helps us to stay connected with our friends and relatives who are far away from us that’s why I said it has two aspects. Let’s see the impact of social media below.impact of social media sites

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Should Students Be Required to Take Drug Tests

Should Students Drug Test Compulsory?

The youth of the country is future of all nations. At present time youth going to an addict of drugs. There are many all over the world who is suffering from drug addiction. This leads to ruin the future of their as well as ruin future of nation too. Drug addicted person doesn’t think about anything and once he is addicted he or she can do anything to get the drug. Drug addiction leads to worse results. Drug addicted person doesn’t think what is good or bad. He just lost his or her power of thinking.

There are many reasons due to them people start taking drugs. Some peoples take drugs to avoid stress. The present era is the fast globalizing era where people just looking to earn more and more. Due to this some of them feel stressed and starts taking help of drugs to avoid stress. Even they don’t know when they had become the addict of this.

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Dashrath Manjhi Real Inspirational Story

Manjhi The Mountain Man One Man Army

Today I am going to tell you story of Dashrath Manjhi also known as “Mountain Man“. He is poor villager from Bihar (India).  He is from a very backward region. His village is Gahlaur. From his village has to cross a big mountain to go near town. In his village no electricity no water, you can imagine how tough life is there. He belongs to Dalit caste even people of his caste don’t have the right to see in the eyes of (Mukhiya) head of Village. Continue reading “Dashrath Manjhi Real Inspirational Story”