How Rickshaw Driver’s Daughter Become World Class Archer

Inspirational Story of Archer Deepika Kumari

Today I am going to tell you the story of former world number one women archer Deepika Kumari. She is a perfect example of “Nothing is impossible”. Deepika Kumari born on 13 June 1994 and belongs to Jharkhand. She is Indian athlete who is the star in archery game event.Archer Deepika Kumari Continue reading “How Rickshaw Driver’s Daughter Become World Class Archer”

The Ashes Cricket Story

BURNING THE BAILS: The Story of the Ashes

Ashes is cricket series played between Australia and England. This is worldwide famous test series. Both the nations have the great and hardcore fan for this series. This series has much value for them even more than world cup or any other series.  In the cricketing world, this series has great importance.  In 68 Ashes series England won 31 and Australia 32 and five times this series has no result. Continue reading “The Ashes Cricket Story”

Importance of Sports in Our Life

It is truly said that health is real wealth. Our mind can stay sound only when we have good health. Without good health is useless. Sports are the best way to make us fit and fine. For youth, it’s necessary to play any kind of sport.
In present time most children like to play indoors games that affect a lot their future life. This leads to unhealthy mind and body development. Youth is future in all countries. The growth of any country depends upon youth. Continue reading “Importance of Sports in Our Life”