Bring Traffic to Your Website

How to bring traffic to website

In present time all have an online presence on the internet. Some people are present on the internet for business purpose and some are for blogging to earn by Adsense. In both the situation you need an audience to visit your website or blog. That helps them to generate leads or to get visitors. So here today I am going to tell you how you can bring more and more traffic to your website. I hope these tips help you to bring traffic to your website or blog.

Content Strategy 

First thing is you have to publish quality content on your website. As in my previous article, I tell you content is king. If you don’t have quality content your website can’t able to grow.  Don’t use copy content that thing causes spam.  Secondly, put content that is helpful to give information to your audience. When you are putting irrelevant content your user just shuts your web page quickly, that will increase the bounce rate of your website.

Let me tell you what is bounce rate?

It tells you the percentage of visitor that comes to your web page. Higher the bounce rate means people just ignoring your content. Less bounce rate means that your content is good and interesting to read and your audience likes to read your article.

how to bring traffic to website
Keyword Strategy

When we talk about SEO, Keyword is the heart of SEO. One thing keeps in your mind promotion of your content much depends upon your keywords or phrases that you are using in your content. It also helps Google to know about what your post is. One thing also keeps in your mind don’t do keyword stuffing in your article.

Proper Title

Use meaningful and relevant title to post. The title describes your audience about what this post is. You can also use keywords in your article that helps you in SEO strategy.

Impact of Images

Next thing put some eye catching images relevant to the content. You can also share images on photo sharing website. Google unable to read pictures or photos, so we have to put image alt tag while publishing in a post. Pictures also make attractive your post.

Take help of Social Media

In present time all people are using social media like Google plus, Facebook, Twitter etc. So don’t forget to share your post on social media. It is the best medium to make viral your website. Social media is the best platform to get more and more traffic. You can put sharing button on your article so that even user can share this directly on social media.

So, friends, these are a few tips that can help you bring traffic to your website.

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