How Rickshaw Driver’s Daughter Become World Class Archer

Inspirational Story of Archer Deepika Kumari

Today I am going to tell you the story of former world number one women archer Deepika Kumari. She is a perfect example of “Nothing is impossible”. Deepika Kumari born on 13 June 1994 and belongs to Jharkhand. She is Indian athlete who is the star in archery game event.Archer Deepika Kumari

Her starting life was full of struggle, but she never give up. In her childhood, she practices aiming mangoes with stones. In that time it’s difficult for her parents to support her financially to fulfill her dream. Her father was a Rikshaw driver, so they are not financially strong. She doesn’t have the proper equipment to practice. She practices with homemade bamboo bows and arrows.

In past time archer Deepika Kumari takes part in little archery event that had the fee of ten rupees. At that time it’s so difficult for them to arrange ten rupees. She has self-confidence and works hard to fulfill her dream. With lots of hard work and facing too much problem, but she keeps going.

Deepika’s cousin helps her to show his talent, her cousin also an archer in Tata Archery Academy. She entered Arjun Archery Academy in 2005 but her professional journey starts in the year 2006 when she entered Tata Archery Academy in Jamshedpur. Here she starts practice with proper equipment. Here she gets 500 rupees stipend. The value of those 500 rupees only Deepika know. She back to home after three years from that academy when she won Cadet World Championship title in November 2009.

She won the 11th Youth World Archery Championship in USA, at that her age is just 15 year old. She also won Gold medal in team event in same competition.In 2010 commonwealth games organized in Delhi, India. All people’s eyes are on Deepika. Also there is pressure of millions people expectations on her. She is going to perform in front of her home audience. She perfectly play in common wealth games and won Gold for India. She won two Gold medals one in individual event and one in team event. She make proud all Indian. After that, she won many championships. Deepika won the bronze medal in 2015 archery world cup. She is the worldwide famous athlete and great inspiration for youth.

At the present time many give up whenever they face problems in their life, for them Deepika is a perfect example. She had become a sports star in little age just she doesn’t run away from her problems. She faces and overcomes those problems with lots of hard work. She is multimillionaire at present time. There is nothing impossible in life just we need dedication and self-confidence to achieve our dreams.

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